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Izar is a program aimed at improving academic excellence in all educational stages of a center: from Infant to Baccalaureate.

Study and collaboration are the engines of this project aimed at improving academic performance at all educational stages. A program that allows network staff to learn about other pedagogical and management realities, and helps to share methodologies to improve the teaching and learning process.

Izar is a proposal that seeks to respond to the expectations that families have placed in our educational project: that their children, through effort, achieve high grades; and that they obtain a great development in their fundamental areas.

Quite a challenge that invites us to broaden our horizons and take advantage of the collaborative culture between the different centers of Arenales.

Academic excellence in the centers of the Network

This excellence is achieved by using various training engines that drive education in each of the stages. The training engines we use are:

Growth visits

Meetings between teachers from different centers in the network to share and learn good practices that help in educational work.

Level tests

Joint evaluation, between the centers of the network, to learn about and work on improving the level of academic subjects (English, mathematics...) and their fundamental areas (reading, calculation...).

Preparation for the EVAU

Generation of common protocols aimed at improving academic training for the university entrance exam

Pedagogical innovation and training

Professionals dedicated to the study and improvement of methodologies that help in the student learning process.

Language deployment

We work to offer quality teaching in various languages, helping students to obtain an optimal command of the language.

Coaching pedagógico

Accompaniment among teachers to evaluate and outline teaching methods in the classroom.

Orientation area

Space where counselors share knowledge and experiences to work with students, in the classroom and with families

Projects according to educational profiles

Attention to students of different educational profiles with the purpose of developing their maximum potential.