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A mature and proven evolution

Today, almost all sectors require a transformation. So does education. Today it is not enough to repeat successful formulas from the past, or to quickly copy the latest trends. To achieve true differentiation, it is necessary to design and implement a cutting-edge educational project, based on a bold strategic vision that distinguishes the essential from the accessory, focusing the organization’s talent and resources on a model that brings clear added value to families.

With these premises, 5 years ago IAM was born, a transformation project that arose from the need to create its own style to face the educational challenges of each moment.

At present, IAM (Innovation, Autonomy and Mentoring) is our style, which we use to address any project and is common to all schools in the network.

  • Innovation means adapting and looking for different solutions to specific problems.
  • Autonomy that allows each student to be responsible for their decisions and be able to take control of their lives.
  • Mentoring that encourages sharing and collaboration in the education of others.

The aim is to improve academic excellence, education in values and the extracurricular profile of the student.

Arenales Red Educational Model

The three programs


Five years later, and with proven experience, IAM has given rise to three new projects of its own: BePlus, BeTutor and Izar. All of them are aimed at promoting the personal growth of students in the different areas of their lives and their purpose is to educate in the construction of a better world. They rely on the collaboration and shared experience of the different centers in the Network.