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In the Network there is no unique methodology, each school retains its historical characteristics and identity. We share an open and inclusive educational model which favors diversity and equal opportunities. This model attracts many people from around the world to join our network because of how accepting and openminded it is.
«IAM Arenales: Innovation, Autonomy, Mentoring»


For us, innovation is the way in which we help people adapt to the present and help solve the problems of today. Innovation makes it easier for each teacher and each student to develop their full potential.

Innovation is part of Arenales identity because each school has its own needs and poses new challenges to the network. Experience and ideas flow from one center to another without barriers or restrictions. We follow the world view of education where we focus attentively on making improvements to best incorporate our methods and technology effectively.

This is our way of encouraging students to boldly address the great challenges that await them.

Autonomía Arenales red educativa


We try to help each person to take charge of their life, be autonomous and be responsible for themselves and their professional development. In addition, we develop skills that display personal leadership, home skills, compassion and a sense of service to others.

Autonomy implies that students leave school speaking English with high proficiency, but also knowing how to cook, take care of their health and be environmentally responsible. They will learn many useful life hacks such as renting a house or how to start their own business. They will learn how to help, respect and care for other people.


Mentoring and autonomy make each person unique yet able to collaborate with others through education with ease. We view each student as indispensable and vital to the network.

Our mentoring is an instrument used for promoting inclusion and equal opportunities for all. Mentoring is exercised in all ways such as teacher-teacher, family-family, student-student, teacher-student, teacher-family and school-college.

We learn from each other with a daily and transversal sense of solidarity. We are strong believers that shared knowledge always helps and never hurts. Every time you share, you multiply. Every time you collaborate, you add.

Mentoring Arenales red educativa
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