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In our organization we stress the importance of good behavior of each person every day no matter where they are. We seek excellence in interaction with coworkers, students and their families as well as any other person or entity. In accordance with current legislation, the educational community of Arenales schools is governed by a specific set of policies that apply to all.


The employees of the Arenales Educational Network must be governed by the policies followed by the Arenales Educational Network. Our relationship with the students comes from a place of respect and trust. An atmosphere of friendship and trust leads teachers to confide in the word or their students. We recognize the importance of teaching them to reason and take everything into account. These principles will make it easier for them to become more independent and responsible.


Students must also know and respect the school’s rules. Respect is promoted through equality and solidarity. We respect the freedom of our students religious and moral values, personal dignity, and privacy when processing their personal data or information.

Equality plan

Arenales Educational Network is also committed to promoting the principles and actions from within the Equality Plan. Person-centered education helps each student discover their best selves and choose their own path. We are devoted to providing equal education for boys and girls using the same criteria, rights, perspectives, and respect for all.

Furthermore, we understand fully support the personal and family values our employees have outside of the workplace. These and other matters are dealt with internally at each school.


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